Who We Are

BequestTech is working to bring advanced technologies to the world as it relates to sustainability in agriculture, energy,
waste management, disease detection/prevention, supply chain management and so much more...

Our Mission

Bring innovative technologies to market and develop life-changing solutions for the world.


Our Vision

Create a legacy of global innovation to cure world hunger, eliminate disease and improve the overall quality of life on our planet.

Founder’s Story

Scott Krauger

President, Board of Directors

Scott Krauger has always had the big picture in mind. He and his team are ​​working to integrate and market global scientific and engineering talents and ​​​technologies. ​​

The result: Innovative solutions in energy, agriculture and sustainability.

BequestTech’s goal: to partner with the creators of advanced technologies who need the support to bring their technologies to market. For thirty years, Scott has built high-performance teams across multiple industries ranging from wine production, agriculture, food processing, commercial construction, energy, and various other technologies.

“These technologies benefit people and our planet, it’s a win-win all the way around,” Krauger points out. "I take seriously the responsibility of leaving the world better for future generations."