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You can’t stop counterfeiters from creating knock-offs. But you can ensure that your customers have unhackable, unalterable proof that they are purchasing your genuine, authentic product with True Provenance.

For Wine and Spirits, we have created TRUE PROVENANCE™ which integrates two advanced technologies, CHQR™ ID and FLASH. Together, they ensure the integrity of the grape or spirit when bottled, throughout transit and for generations to come.

FLASH imaging captures the exact composition of the wine or spirit down to the molecular level, creating an exact signature unique to that bottle of wine WITHOUT OPENING THE BOTTLE! This molecular fingerprint is matched to the individual bottle with CHQR™ ID, ensuring that your customers are getting authentic products.



  • Absolute proof of authenticity, protected from refilling, rebottling, and relabeling
  • Exact molecular analysis of wine and spirits including defects (taint, oxidation, etc.)
  • Un-hackable serialized, encrypted product ID safeguarding provenance
  • Proprietary blockchain technology to prevent alteration of records
  • Private collectors with protection of their investment and authentication for future buyers

TRUE PROVENANCE™ allows producers of Luxury and Consumer goods as well as wine and spirits to protect their brands their products and reputations.

TRUE PROVENANCE™ will also help you increase sales. With every CHQR™ ID, you have the chance to communicate directly with your customers. These technologies enable you to be able to know the exact item they have in their hands, the location, the garment size, the wine vintage, etc. and precisely tailor your message. Anything from a written message, brochure or even an audio or video message, which you can manage and change per item.

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