True Provenance™ for The Wine and Spirits Industries

In an industry where reputation is paramount and counterfeiting is endemic, it is essential for vintners, distillers and collectors alike to establish provenance to protect their brand and investment.

Enter TRUE PROVENANCE™. Designed specifically for the wine and spirits industries, we integrate two technologies, CHQR™ ID and FLASH. Together, they ensure the integrity of the grape or spirit when bottled, throughout transit and for generations to come. Unlike any other process or technology, it is completely harmless and will even analyze through the glass of the bottle.

TRUE PROVENANCE™ can even enable direct-to-consumer communication. You can present specific, targeted text, audio or video messaging while your customer has your product in their hands.


Agriculture Sustainability

The challenges are many. Blights and pests. Incorrect pesticide and water usage. Bacterial or viral infections. Product inconsistencies.

Two technologies are at work to help growers find and address the problems they face.

AGROFLASH technology makes it possible to spot blights, pests, and infections before destruction is visible to the human eye. It enables you to micro-target water, pesticides and amendment application.

AGROFLASH can check food products for many types of problems, from salmonella, e.coli and mold to produce bruising or spoilage either in the field or packaging and production.

CHQR™ ID (Color Holographic Quick Response) is the next-generation product identification system. With CHQR™ ID, products are tracked from seed to table, enabling more targeted and faster recalls and inventory fulfillment. Regulatory information can be included in the coding to streamline transit across borders and confirm product origin.


Energy Sustainability

Advanced technology meets a simple concept.

Think of HiVE as a rain barrel. Much like the barrel stores water until it’s needed, HiVE battery technology stores energy until the time when it can be used or sold.

HiVE batteries are the turnkey power solution for the four biggest segments of the energy industry:

  • Solar/Wind Farms: HiVE is a way to store produced energy and put it onto the grid as needed.
  • Commercial Power Backup: HiVE serves as backup to prevent energy loss from grid outages or lost sales due to down POS systems. More efficient and cleaner than generators.
  • Commercial Peak Usage: HiVE enables companies to more slowly pull in power in less expensive, off peak hours, store it and use it when needed, saving millions of dollars a year. It will reduce peak demand, thus reduce electricity cost.
  • Residential/HOA: HiVE enables the creation of reliable and flexible micro-grids that ensure consistent power as well as an additional revenue stream.

HiVE technology is scalable — from 22 kWh to multi gigawatt systems. The battery systems are fast to discharge and charge, accept and smooth out power from multiple sources. Add to that built-in grids, sub metering and power-sharing options.

Smart power when and where you need it.


Supply Chain Solutions

Real v. Real

According to the latest Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, the estimated losses due to counterfeiting of high end consumer goods amounted to $98 billion. These crimes have generated serious economic challenges along with social and environmental harms.

Two technologies are at work to establish authenticity.

CHQR™ ID (Color Holographic Quick Response) is the next-generation product identification system that utilizes unique photonics signatures. The codes are holographic in nature, with military-grade encryption. They cannot be copied, hacked or altered.

CHQR™ ID will track a product from the factory into the consumer’s hands… and longer using consumer opt-in marketing.

- FLASH (Fast Light Attribute Sensing Hyperspectral) imaging was originally designed for NASA to identify the composition of planets trillions of miles away.

For luxury items made from natural materials, FLASH technology will create a unique molecular signature of the original material itself.

Pairing CHQR™ IDand FLASH ensures authenticity all the way through the production process and beyond, well into the secondary market. Together, they guarantee that what you expect in the luxury market is exactly what you get.