Over the past decade, technologies driving renewable energy have advanced at a tremendous pace but safe, economical, environmentally-friendly storage systems have not. The key to high-grid penetration of renewable energy sources will be a cost-effective, reliable, environmentally-friendly, scalable battery technology. Batteries have become the critical element to solve the energy storage challenge.HiVE is a large format energy storage system for use in a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military applications. HiVE’s fully-integrated, high-voltage battery management platform is compatible with many conventional inverters on the market

Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4

  • Fast charge (2C continuous, 3C burst) and discharge (2C) rates are 6x as fast as Li-Ion.
  • Non-volatile, non-explosive, and flame retardant. Simultaneous charge and discharge
  • Rectangular prism cell shape for increased energy density and far fewer failure points.
  • Plentiful and easy to process materials mean less environmental impact than other batteries.


Specific Advantages

  • Customers retain all the energy generated via on-site solar
  • Directly coupled with solar panels through a unique HiVE subsystem
  • BMS controls charge state rather than via external charger
  • Compatible with many leading inverters & incorporates innovative cell tray design
  • Directly couples to inverter using a pre-charge circuit
  • Powered by safe and environmentally-friendly lithium iron phosphate
  • Requires less wiring which lowers installation costs & HiVE uses fewer components than other battery systems

Management System

  • Battery chemistry agnostic – can use several types of battery chemistries.
  • Real-time monitoring, scheduling, & adjustments all managed via smartphone
  • Requires no synthetic inertia components – automatically regulates inputs from each source.
  • Receives energy from multiple sources with different voltage, frequencies, & amperage.
  • Power smoothing: all outbound energy at consistent frequency.
  • Sub-metering, allowing it to be used as a microgrid. With near-instant 1-2Hz (in the microseconds) response times.
  • Can connect to other HiVE units for networked microgrids to share & distribute power.


Performance Benefits

  • BMS controls solid-state electronics can be switched under partial or full load thus ensuring the longevity of the system
  • Provides quick response power at rates up to 3C, while users are not exposed to dangerous high voltage
  • Outperforms all other available chemistries & lower voltage batteries in every performance metric
  • Unique string level isolation provides superior electrical safety by lowering nominal voltage from 400-1000V to less than 52V for servicing.
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