What if... you could turn trash into energy?

How about turning trash into clean energy with no harmful emissions?

Turning municipal solid waste into an ideal feedstock for the production of renewable fuels.

The GST technology makes it possible to convert municipal waste, agricultural waste, plastics, and other forms of trash into energy in two different forms: a cleaner-burning jet fuel and clean-burning coal-like pellets. The entire process is emission-free, and once it is running, it even powers itself with the product of its processes.

Our main goal is to balance the usage of natural resources and produce renewable fuels from MSW.

Our main vision is to strive to "Zero Waste" by conversion of all the municipal solid waste into a renewable fuel.

We look to eliminate the need for landfills and begin to mine the landfills my cleaning up these toxic sites. We have a sustainable technology with a positive impact to our environment. The only process that produces final product that is the low in greenhouse gases compared to other technologies.

With our closed loop system-radiant heat and efficient with no harmful emissions allowing our process to actually reduce carbon footprint. Auditable - Enables sales of carbon credits with a carbon footprint savings of 20-50X.



  • The 15 ton per hour unit takes up less than 10,000 square feet
  • Eliminates toxic, dangerous and wasteful landfills
  • Produces more energy than it consumes
  • Organic waste (food & green waste) can be quickly processed into soil amendments, eliminating the time and space required by composting
  • Our patented disruptive technology allows any solid waste material even sewage sludge to be turned into marketable products
  • We do not use incineration rather radiant heat which our process kills harmful bacteria without burning or releasing any harmful emissions
  • Creates New Revenue Streams For:
    • Municipal Waste Management Companies
    • Food Processing Plants
    • Cruise Ships
    • Universities
    • Large Apartment Complexes
    • Dairy's and Farms with Manure
    • Restaurants
    • Wineries
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