How does your garden grow?

Bloom Boosters is a compact technology based on a proprietary acoustic frequency. It stimulates the stomata of the plant to open and efficiently absorb all the hydration and nutrients required by the plant.

Bloom Boosters accelerates plant growth, increases vitamin content, oil quality and production, all while greatly reducing time to harvest. In addition, the platform also cancels out detrimental or harmful frequencies that would otherwise stunt plant growth, resulting in an overall environment that increases crop yields.

These units are placed in the soil at the base of each plant and are equipped with light sensors and timers to pre-program the cycles of sonic stimulation that are best for each type of plant. Each unit contains a CHQR™ ID label, the secure technology that records and tracks the plant’s historical data.

Bloom Boosters units are small, efficient, water and pest resistant, cost effective and self-contained. Units are powered by watch-type batteries lasting thousands of hours, or by solar powered rechargeable batteries lasting several years.

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