Transforming Agriculture

 Originally developed for NASA to explore new planets, the FLASH technology is now engineered to analyze cellular and chemical properties of cells and tissues, providing the molecular fingerprint needed to identify, trace and track agricultural products.

AGROFLASH When You & Your Customers Need Answers

Is that $50,000 dollar bottle of wine real? Is another masquerading as an imposter? Might that crystal decanter of whiskey be worse than a fraud, might it be dangerously contaminated? Is that box of ruby red strawberries one that has been recalled or is that bag of spinach salad potentially tainted with potentially fatal e-coli? Is that one Cannabis bud really organic or is another full of harmful pesticides? Does that expensive bottle of CBD oil really contain any CBD at allor does it contain an over the legal limit of THC?

FLASH captures and processes a very large number of wavelengths of an image. FLASH is unlike any imager on the market. Produced by the same team that works with NASA to identify planets beyond our galaxy, its specialized optics can record an entire scene’s complete spatial and spectral data with just a single measurement. Think of it as the molecular fingerprint.



The benefits are many

  • AGROFLASH is versatile. It can be set up at a fixed station or production line, used in a handheld capacity, even mounted on a drone to provide the bigger picture of your crop.
  • AGROFLASH analyzes, detects and identifies materials and compounds in a non-invasive, non-destructive way.
  • AGROFLASH provides critical information on a seed, seedling or mature plant’s health, determining hydration and nutrient levels while detecting blights, fungus or pests.
  • AGROFLASH provides “proof of ground” detects the presence of pesticides, and provides vegetation mapping, stress and yield detection.
  • AGROFLASH enables ripeness detection, component identification in plants and detection of impurities.

AGROFLASH — In the vineyard and in the bottle

AGROFLASH technology is being used to characterize grape composition at harvest, which is a key determining factor of future wine quality.

Grape composition is determined by evaluating sugar content, and acidity along with other measures. These factors provide indicators for the ripeness of the fruit at harvest. AGROFLASH can be tailored to evaluate some of these specific metrics.

AGROFLASH sensors can provide the ability to sense, grade, and sort the food based on the detected food quality.

AGROFLASH detects and quantifies plant properties, such as infection, before visual symptoms become noticeable even to experienced observers.

Benefits of AGROFLASH Analysis

  • Real-Time Data
  • No Waiting For Expensive Lab Analysis By Mail
  • No Picking Or Cutting Required
  • Precise Content Analysis
  • Target Optimum Harvest Time
  • Determine Prime Nutrient Level
  • Pinpoint Ideal Hydration Level
  • Determines The Seed Sex And Plant Strain
  • Determine Crop Valuation
  • Indicators For Mitigation Of Frost And Freeze

AGROFLASH and Early Detection:

  • Fungus And Disease
  • Pests And Insects
  • Blight
  • Soil Consistency
  • Soil Imbalance
  • Water Contamination
  • Graft Incompatibility

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